DD vs Ronson in Photos

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An incredible day in Paris for Duran Duran. More photos coming soon in the Gallery - check for the amazing set list in the TOUR section of the site!

dsc_0010.jpg dsc_0022.jpg dsc_2051.jpg dsc_2053.jpg dsc_2054.jpg dsc_2064.jpg dsc_2066.jpg dsc_2070.jpg dsc_2073.jpg dsc_2075.jpg dsc_2076.jpg dsc_2079.jpg dsc_7415.JPG dsc_7583.jpg dsc_7806.jpg dsc_7850.jpg dsc_7864.jpg dsc_7879.jpg

All photos courtesy of Carsten Windhorst and Gerard Haynes for duranduran.com, may not be used without permission