"Classic Albums" Rio

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Continuing the highly-acclaimed "Classic Albums" DVD documentary series, Eagle Vision is proud to announce Rio by Duran Duran. The November 4 release has a pre-book date of October 15 and a retail sales price of $14.98.

Rio, arguably the greatest of all Duran Duran albums, was originally released in 1982, a time of British riots, record unemployment and the highly unpopular Falklands war. It catapulted Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Roger Taylor and Andy Taylor into international celebrity. (None of the Taylors are related.)

In this installment of "Classic Albums," a fascinating story emerges, one of the writing, the recording and reaction to the unbelievable success of this sound. With new interviews, vintage clips of the original era, new and archival performance footage and musical demonstrations that explain the genesis of certain songs, this 90-minute insider peek is a must for all culture vultures. Excerpts from songs such as "Rio," "My Own Way," "Hungry Like The Wolf," "New Religion," "Save A Prayer," "The Chauffeur" and others are beautifully interwoven into the fabric of the story. Brand new session performances filmed in Boston exclusively for this program, plus interviews and demonstrations not seen in the original broadcast version, are included.

The "Classic Albums" series takes a comprehensive look into the making of landmark albums that were integral in music history. Along with interspersed live footage, the DVDs feature in-depth interviews with band members, musical peers, relevant fixtures in the music scene and those who were simply a part of the party. Producers elaborate on and break down studio tracks at the mixing board, musicians actually recreate solos and passages that further explain the recording and creation process. Every "Classic Albums" DVD not only tells the story, it binds the pages, paints the picture and ultimately provides the soundtrack to the making of a seminal album.