Brazilian Spirit Unleashed in Duran Duran's Hit Song, 'Rio'

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Brazilian Spirit Unleashed in Duran Duran's Hit Song, 'Rio'

Nicole from The Pussycat Dolls and Caress(R) Body Wash Release New Brazilian Inspired Remake

GREENWICH, CONN., APRIL 8, 2008 -- Nicole from The Pussycat Dolls releases a new Brazilian inspired reinterpretation of Duran Duran's hit song, "Rio," to celebrate the launch of Caress(R) Brazilian Exotic Oil Infusions body wash. "Rio (Caress Brazilian Mix)" encourages women to unleash their sensuous sides, vivacious charm and Brazilian spirits. The new song will debut at on Tuesday, April 8th and then will hit the airwaves nationwide.

Nicole Scherzinger, an exotic beauty who embodies the same enchantment and vivaciousness of Brazil, was a natural pick for the song's remake. The new song "Rio (Caress Brazilian Mix)" is bursting with the energy and colorful sounds of Brazil. "Rio (Caress Brazilian Mix)" was produced by Ron Fair and JR Rotem with additional production and mix by Ben H. Allen. First released in 1982, "Rio" climbed the charts to become a top twenty hit on both sides of the Atlantic, with the video becoming an MTV staple.

"Brazil is all about smooth moves, vivacious sounds and beautiful skin," says Scherzinger. "That's why I'm thrilled to be recording such a fun, Brazilian remake of my favorite Duran Duran song for Caress. Just like the new Caress Brazilian body wash, it's sexy, spirited and will inspire women to unleash the enchantment of Brazil."

Unleashing the enchantment of Brazil

Just like Nicole, women everywhere can unleash their Brazilian spirit with Caress(R) for a chance to win a trip to Brazil. Visit to download the new hot song, "Rio (Caress Brazilian Mix)" and submit a video (or create one online) that shows how to live out the charm, vivaciousness and spirit of the country. Twenty-five finalists will win exciting prizes such as: spa treatments, iPods with Brazilian music or a year supply of Caress(R)*. To help get everyone into the Brazilian spirit, they can also request free samples of the new Caress(R) Brazilian Exotic Oil Infusions body wash at the website (while supplies last).