Appearing: Duran Duran

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Appearing: Duran Duran

Event Location
UCF Arena
University of Central Florida
Orlando [Map It]

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By OW Staff

It’s easy to imagine today’s Duran Duran – some 30 years on in their long yacht ride through sex metaphoria (unions, snakes) and tabloid excess (they literally eat supermodels) – as a kind of cherry-shaped commodity handily dipped in the moment’s flavor every three years or so. But recontextualization has never suited Duran (Armani, however, has) and even if their latest offering, Red Carpet Massacre, may have suffered the Timbaland/Timberlake collaboration curse sales-wise, it remains a testament to the band’s legend of aesthetic tourism. That’s their trick: At the core of every time-sensitive sonic endeavor – be it house music, hip-hop, anthem-pop or funk – is the essence of an ambition that is uniquely Duran Duran: a throbbing bass, a booming drum, sparkly Nick Rhodes bits and a primordial howl from Simon LeBon. Their live show is better than the best sex that Princess Diana never had. There’s even an unthinkable electro Kraftwerk tribute. You. Must. Go.

Courtesy Orlando Weekly