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My top 10 clichés and other annoying things that people say for 2008:

1) "Are you still working on that?"

Paraphrased: "have you finished?"

Why it's annoying: Am I still working on it, like a beaver working on a dam, or a miner on a coal face? It's annoying because "have you finished?" is perfectly adequate, plain English and, if you bothered to look, you'd see that I haven't put my knife and fork together which would mean ... I have finished.

2) "It ain't rocket science"

Subtext: I heard someone say this and it made them sound sharp witted.
Significance: the glorification of ignorance.

3) "I've turned on the seatbelt sign 'cause we've just hit some bumpy air"


4) "Enjoy"

Enjoy what?

5) "Party's over"

Because it's just so sad

6) "Would you?"

No, would YOU actually? Would you mind finishing your sentences please?

7) "Are you who I think you are?"

Why? Who do you think I am??

8 ) "Have a good one"

A good what, exactly?

9) "Can I put you on hold?"

For the obvious reasons

10) Nope, sorry I can't do ten of them; you'll just have to make do with nine.