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22/11/2008 Sao Paulo

Right. I don't suppose that it has escaped anyone's attention that the last S Le Blog that I submitted was fucken months ago. Or did I send one after St Tropez? The only way I'm going to be able to find out is to go into my email program and check all of my comm.s with Katy ...

Aha! And there it is, September 2008.

Well, there's absolutely no way I'm going to write that much right now.

Actually, one thing I meant to convey to all, was my little trip down to St Tropez or "Sent to pay" as it may or may not become known; I'm sure there's a better one of those but I can't remember it. Anyway there I was on board a fab fast TP52 racing with good shipmates. Of course the one and only day we got proper wind the committee bunch of - grandes chemisiers de filles - that they are, cancelled the race. Of course that did not stop us going out even though they blockaded the old port of ST, us being parked up at the much more Liverpoolesque - Rita Tushingham, and much less Blanc et Bleu - Brigitte Bardot, port of Cogolins, where as far as they're concerned, as long as you're up to date with your mooring fees, it's up to you if you want to go out and attempt to drown yourself; much more French really.

Anyway if you want to see us, here is some pics & a video:

more, another time....