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I'm goin to a party, a punky reggae party.

2008.06.16 1141hrs. London SW15

Sitting at the same window looking out over the same A205 (major trunk route), but it's a different day and I don't feel the same as I did the last time i wrote; thanx godz fer that!

Just back from our brief Roman sojourn actually. We were booked to be the main entertainment event at the wedding party for Flavio Briatore & Elisabetta Gregoraci. Wow I have to say - what a performance; no, not us

(incidentally we were very good that night)

but the whole do - what a performance, resplendent with: fabulous basilica; beautiful people, men and women from all over the globe in their glittering finery; Police escorts; white umbrellas to beat the paps; Mr Sylvio Berlusconi, Prime minister of all Italy in person at the service and making a joke that it was the government's fault that the bride was late; a full on Cardinal with hat, rings, black and red robes, and an eye for the ladies; a renaissance castle for the reception; men in elegance and women in dresses that seemed no more than a whisper; and more cleavage than the we got bikes to park in 'em; flowers everywhere; Duran Duran on a mirrored stage bringing the house down; and then after we'd finished, that god-awful "Love Generation" record on the decks over and over again.

I have to say that generally speaking, Italians know how to have a good time; ask anyone who was up with me in the hotel lobby at 4.30 am getting into the fresh pasta and red wine.

If you're interested the pics will be in Hello mag.


here endeth Simon Le Blog, part the second.