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I'm sitting here in the most wonderful surroundings of the Ritz Carlton in Santiago, Chile, a most pleasing city with beautiful weather, wide streets, lovely buildings, great people, excellent wine and to top it all off, Santiago is surrounded by the stunning snow capped Andes which can be seen glistening in the sunshine from my top floor suite. I've just returned from a relaxing swim, massage and steam room. But it isn't all relaxing, we worked last night and the show was great, with an amazing reception from the Chilean audience. At this moment in
time life couldn't get any better but.... one thing in the corner is bothering me and is related to something that has been a general concern of mine for some years...why is the electrical plug socket in Chile different from the ones in Peru and Argentina, which are like American ones? Which are different to British ones.. which are totally different from European ones...which are of course completely unlike Australian ones etc etc etc. Why can't plug sockets be the same all over the world? If I was Prime Minister for one day, it would be the first thing that I would change so that I wouldn't have to bring a big bag of adaptors with me every time I go on tour!

Enough of that ranting and whining; the tour really has been great so far. I got to spend time in Lima with my wonderful extended family, and we had such a great concert there. Argentina was also spectacular and I got to hang out with a very good friend of mine, the 'legendary' and lovely Pacha DJ Carloz Diaz. We are planning a series of nights at Pacha Ibiza next year which is going to be very exciting. We all had few "after show" drinks by the hotel pool in Buenos
Aires, which, I'm afraid, we did regret the next morning!

I really do feel at home in South America, such warmth in the people, great food and generally a high quality of lifestyle. Having said that, I do miss home a lot even though England is most probably grim, grey and cold at the moment (and Aston Villa lost at the weekend). But it's where my heart is, and that is one of the downsides of being in a band, the time spent away from loved ones is hard but it is the price we have to pay for all he great things in our lives.

We will be in North America very soon, so do try to come and see us if you are able as the show is different again, including a section of the Mark Ronson 'Mash Up,' which is great fun to play. I'm also massively looking forward to arriving in Brazil, a country I have never been to and heard so many great things about. Anyway, where was I?...oh yes...where the hell has that bloody UK/Chilean adaptor gone!!!

RT x