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I'm writing this from my home in London surrounded by half packed boxes ...I'm moving house later this month but we have to get packed this week as the rest of August is earmarked for travel...some dj'ing and some holiday'ing ...but alas we have finished the main legs of the RCM world tour and there is always a bitter/sweet feeling at the end of a long period of touring. On the one hand, you do want to be home with friends and family, but there is a sense of loss too, a moment in time has gone forever and the feeling of being a team on the road has gone for a while, along with that nightly connectionwiththe audience and the instant gratification that brings. They say that the need to become a performer is born in a feeling of insecurity and the complex of inferiority, so the need for that gratification is much higher. I think it's true and definitely something Freud would have agreed
with completely!

There is talk of more dates later this year, so maybe we will be out there again before we know it.

I think it has been logged on these pages before, but one of the greatest things about the tour has been the record player in our dressing room, its created such a great vibe before and after the show, and has brought out the 'vinyl trainspotter' in us all. It can be a surprisingly muted atmosphere backstage, but this has really been a change for the better.

As you know, the low point of the tour was hearing that Nick's father had passed away only hours before our first show in Central Park. The news really shook us all to the core as Roger had always been such an important influence and supporter of the band since day one. And absolute respect to Nick for being able to go ahead and perform those shows under such duress, I'm not sure if I could have done the same.

Despite the set back, the tour really did finish with a bang in Malta and Italy never ever disappoints...Viva Italia!

There is also already talk of new material in the air...so watch this space while I go back to my

Rt x