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Play the fucking music John... JT's best of the year, 2008 Edition:

Full Length Affairs:

Midnight Juggernauts: 'Dystopia' - JT's most complete 'what I'm looking for in a pop album' of the year. Listen and weep.

Crystal Castles: 'Shizophrenic' - techno sex from Brit duo. (Also my favourite cover of the year). Like Iggy Pop remixed by Roysopp. But BETTER.

TV on The Radio: 'Dear Science' - Oh yeah, this little monkey. All brains and funky brilliance. Buy it for your college student.

Duffy: 'Rockferry' - "Amy lite" you may say, but that is exactly what I was ready for. No more shenanigans, no more drama, this one is the easy lover.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: 'Dig Lazarus Dig' - Early year lead still number one in the 'ROCK' category. This year's choice in Le Bon's birthday 50.

Elbow: 'The Seldom Seen Kid' - Cuz's favourite, says it was the concert of ALL TIME!! (How could that be?).. But still, one terrific album. Put it in your husband's stocking.

Marisa Monte: 'Universo Ao Meu Redor' - Late swinger in from Rio. If you like KD Lang or 'La Vie En Rose' you'll love it.

One-off Legovers:

T.I. feat. Rihanna: "Live Your Life" - Perfect. Single of the year.

Munk with Asia Argento: "Live Fast Die Old" also the Shazam remix of 'Down in LA' Meet the new Jazz funk, emphasis on FUN.

M.I.A: "Paper Planes" - Unforgettable track gets a new life in "Slumdog Millionaire"

MGMT: "Kids" - Re-discovered this album thanks to the Soulwax remix, courtesy of me mate Ashley...Who also turned me onto...

Dennis Wilson: Download 'It's Not Too Late' from the re-issue of "Pacific Ocean Blue."

The Ting Tings: "Great DJ" - Great track.

Kanye West: "Love Lockdown" - boldest of the year from the Emperor.

Estelle: "American Boy" - Best song to meet boys to. (And a great turn by Kanye.) My Glastonbury highlight was her performance of "More Than Friends."

Party Planning: "Top Ranking" - great Diplo produced party mixtape of Santogold, with superb cast of supporting characters, The Clash, Aretha Franklin, Devo, M.I.A.

Giorgio Moroder: "Scarface" Original Soundtrack re-issue. Is this the year's most influential music? From T.I. To Midnight Juggernauts I'm hearing it everywhere.

On TV:

Lil Wayne on "Saturday Night Live"; JT asks, "So that's where the music's supposed to go?..."

For the boys...Madonna: "Give it to Me" (video). Oh come on... Could she get any sexier? Madonna does Cowboy Kate. Watch it with the sound OFF.



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