When I was at School, my Favourite Band was Duran Duran

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WHEN I was at school, my favourite band was Duran Duran

Oct 19 2007 by Karen Price, Western Mail

I would rip posters out of Smash Hits! to cover my exercise books, save my pocket money for their latest cassettes and spend hours arguing with my friends over which band member we fancied most – it had to be John Taylor, didn’t it?

Anyway, during their heyday, I never actually got to see them performing live. First, my mum would never have let me go to a gig as she thought I was too young and, second, I don’t think any bands crossed the Severn Bridge back then.
But a few years ago I finally got to see them playing live. The original line-up had got back together and embarked on a UK tour, which included a gig at Cardiff International Arena.

I went along with my friend Alison, who had also been a Duranie, and while I must admit I had a few doubts about going – would they be well past their sell-by date? – we had a ball, singing along to the old hits. Maybe it was the copious amounts of lager that helped!

Duran Duran are not the only band to have reformed. Others include Take That (now that was another fantastic reunion tour – and I was never even a fan of theirs), The Eagles and The Sex Pistols. It was recently revealed that Led Zeppelin are reuniting, as are the Spice Girls.

Tonight, Sting and his old gang roll into town. The Police have got back together for a world tour and they will be performing a major gig at the Millennium Stadium, so you can expect the venue to be packed with nostalgic 40-somethings.

While there are obviously many advantages to reuniting – multi-million pound signs if you want me to get to the point – are they right to do it?

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