What people are saying about saving the earth

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What people are saying about saving the earth

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Style critic Clifford Pugh tapped on the shoulders of celebs at New York Fashion Week and grilled them on their green habits, while design writer Maggie Galehouse scored a few minutes with Martha Stewart by phone. From their mouths to this page. ...

Actress Demi Moore: Especially having children, we try to focus attention on green all the time. The most important contribution is education and awareness. Being mindful of not being greedy. We have been very spoiled. For myself, I need to reconfigure some of my comforts. My favorite vehicle is a Prius. We switch lights off and have changed all the light bulbs (to energy-efficient ones). They're hideous-looking lights, but they save a lot of energy. The kids take mini cooler lunch bags to school. We wash out sandwich bags and reuse them. We have smaller plastic water bottles and refill them. We plan to switch the house over to solar. We continue to look to see what's out there that we can do.

Actress Kyra Sedgwick: I use public transit in New York all the time. I have a Prius (which she uses in Los Angeles while filming the television series The Closer). It's harder in L.A., but you can do it. Carpool. I recycle. I compost. (She was green before being green was cool, said her publicist.)

Domestic diva Martha Stewart, on her new line of home products for Macy's: We're working on new household products — nice soaps, candles — that will be environmentally friendly. Our new mattresses are pretty much green, and there will be green pans at Macy's in January 2008. We've already produced a tremendous number of 100 percent cotton sheets that are completely recyclable. A lot of people don't know that any fiber alone is recyclable, but once you mix it with something else, it's landfill. One hundred percent polyester is recyclable, but the minute you mix polyester with cotton, it becomes landfill.

Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon: My favorite thing is sailing. We don't use the engine. I like recycling. Where we live in Wandsworth (England), we don't have to separate the stuff. They come every Saturday morning and take it away. I train my girls to do it, so it's fun. We get all the plastic bottles, take the lids off and scrunch them up.

Humorist Fran Lebowitz, a smoker: I don't exhale.

Designer Zac Posen: Change your light bulbs. I've changed all the ones in my house. Turn off your lights. My car service is a Smart Car. Recycle. Those are things you can do in your daily life.

Talking Heads lead singer David Byrne: I ride a bicycle.

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