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Duran Duran
Red Carpet Massacre
3 stars (out of 4)

Surprisingly stylish makeover for '80s veterans

As last year's 'Only After Dark' compilation of postpunk synthpop
suggested, Duran Duran have belatedly concluded that they're really
more Arcadia than Power Station, and with this - their first album
since guitarist Andy Taylor split - they'd like to come across as
godfathers of avant-pop. If you're willing to overlook Simon Le Bon's
always peculiar lyrics and occasionally strained singing, Red Carpet
Massacre is actually pretty impressive. The three Timbaland/Timberlake
hookups are effective rather than embarrassing, and with the slinky
'Nite Runner' they've produced their best single since 1986's "Skin

Stephen Troussé

Courtesy Uncut magazine