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Bruce Campbell Is Hungry Like A Wolf

Bruce Campbell's status as a man-god is already well known to most, and for those who weren't already in the loop on his deified state, his genius cameo in Spider-Man 3 did a good job of setting the record straight. But,for the few of you who may still be doubters, we present the following evidence: a new Old Spice commercial.

It takes a special kind of god-power to make a cologne commercial cool, let alone a commercial for a cologne that stopped being fashionable thirty years ago. Bruce Campbell not only does it, he's done it twice. His first Old Spice commercial has been getting laughs for several months, but this one recently debuted on television and raised the awesome level a little higher.

Bruce Campbell is hungry like a wolf. Hear him croon Duran Duran and watch him woo the ladies in his latest hilarious Old Spice ad below:

Courtesy Cinemablend