Nick and Katy's Oscar Picks, 2007

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Has it been one year already? Wow - hard to believe it's that time again.

Every year, Katy and Nick weigh in on Hollywood's most important night. So for 2007, Rhodes and Krassner make their picks (drumroll Rog....) :


WILL WIN: It's a tight race this year and pundits are switching back and forth constantly. But not us - we both think BABEL will win.

SHOULD WIN: Ditto. It has everything a Best Picture should have. And we'd explain, but that would ruin the movie for those who haven't seen it.


WILL WIN: Mr. Scorsese, it is your year - and Nick, especially, will be thrilled to see him win, as he should have really won the Award for ten other films.

SHOULD WIN: We agree that Alexander Gonzalez Inarritu should win it for BABEL


WILL WIN: Katy & Nick think Forest Whitaker will take the prize for his performance in LAST KING OF SCOTLAND. It is a given.

SHOULD WIN: Nick think Forest deserves it. Katy, on the other hand, was very impressed by the Fresh Prince - Mr. Will Smith, for THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS.


WILL WIN: Your Majesty - Helen Mirren will win for her regal performance in THE QUEEN. Another given.

SHOULD WIN: Nick thinks Helen M should win - but would like it if she could share the Prize with Penelope Cruz for VOLVER. Katy would love it if Helen could share it with Judi Dench, who was pretty amazing in NOTES ON A SCANDAL.


WILL WIN: Those supporting categories get us every year. Katy just doesn't think Eddie Murphy is gonna pull it off for DREAMGIRLS...and neither does Nick. But who will win? Nick is going with Alan Arkin for LITTLE MISS SUNSHIINE. Katy think Brad Pitt should have been nominated for BABEL, so she is going to pick him even though he wasn't nominated. Which is silly, she knows.

SHOULD WIN: Nick is going with Dijmon Hounsou for BLOOD DIAMOND. Katy would love Jackie Earle Haley (LITTLE CHILDREN) to be the second Bear to win an Oscar, but doesn't really think he deserves it. Therefore, she is going with Eddie.


WILL WIN: Wethinks Jennifer Hudson has been practicing that speech for awhile now. She has it in the bag for DREAMGIRLS.

SHOULD WIN: Nick thinks Cate Blanchett should win for NOTES ON A SCANDAL. Katy is partial to Abigail Breslin for LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, but reallythinks Adriana Barraza deserves it for BABEL.


WILL WIN: Nick is giving it to Melissa Etheridge for "I Need to Wake Up" from AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. Katy thinks something from DREAMGIRLS will win - after all, they have 3 songs in this category. She will narrow it down to Beyonce's "Listen."

SHOULD WIN: Katy says anything but something from DREAMGIRLS. Nick is admitting he didn't see DREAMGIRLS, and therefore, has no opinion on who should win.


WILL WIN: We are agreeing a lot this year! Nick and Katy think BABEL will win - go Gustavo Santaolalla!



WILL WIN: Nick is giving it to LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. Katy agrees.

SHOULD WIN: While Katy thinks BABEL was probably harder to bring to the screen, she and Nick agree that THE QUEEN should win because it is truly original - it brings to life one person's vision of what could have happened during that particular crisis within the Monarchy.


WILL WIN: Nick thinks the DEPARTED will get it, and Katy agress it probably will.

SHOULD WIN: Not all that surprising, Nick would like to see BORAT win this category. Katy would give it to NOTES ON A SCANDAL.


WILL WIN: Katy says LIVES OF OTHERS will win. Nick says PAN'S LABYRINTH.

SHOULD WIN: Katy is admitting she didn't see a one of them, but likes the premise of PAN'S LABYRINTH. Nick wouldn't mind if either PAN'S LABYRINTH or LIVES OF OTHERS won the award come Oscar night.

We are hoping next year will bring a more exciting race for us to duke it out over...until then, happy Oscar!

Nick & Katy