Music Review: Duran Duran Red Carpet Massacre

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Music Review: Duran Duran Red Carpet Massacre
Written by Regina Avalos
Published November 17, 2007

Red Carpet Massacre, Duran's Duran's thirteenth studio release, is an album that has been over two years in the making. Work began in September 2005 with a date set for a May 2006 release, but after Andy Taylor left the group for reasons unknown to us, a fresh start was made with producer Timberland. The result is today's release. An album consisting of twelve tracks that appears to take the British pop group back to their roots of dance and new wave.

Upon first listening to the CD when I picked it up today, I'm reminded of the reasons why I love Duran Duran. This group is fun and energetic, and they have remained so in the twenty-six years they have been on the scene. The first track I ever heard by the group was their release of "Planet Earth" back in 1981. I fell in love at that moment, and I've remained a fan ever since. With Simon and the boys teaming up with Timberland, Duran Duran is keeping with the times and reinventing themselves again by returning to their roots.

Red Carpet Massacre, released on November 13th in the United States, will be released a week later in Europe. The group is releasing two version's of the album. The regular version contains just the CD itself, but the Deluxo version contains the CD and a DVD bonus with a behind the scenes look at the making of the album and the music video for "Falling Down," which is one of two tracks in which Justin Timberlake joins the group. Timberlake is also featured on another song called "Nite Runner." Producer Timberland is featured on three of the album's track.

From track one on, the listener is taken out on the dance floor with a groovy beat on a track called "The Valley." The album's title track follows, and the dance beat continues on through the end of the album. Even the slower tempo songs have a bit of a groove to them. One of my favorite tracks on the CD is called "Skin Divers." The lyrics are what pull me into this tune. Simon and the boys have always managed to create good tunes with catchy lyrics. It is what they are known form, and this release sticks to that. Duran Duran fans will not be disappointed by this album in the least. The long wait for Red Carpet Massacre's release was definitely well worth it.