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Jon Dawson
Staff Writer
New CD: Red Carpet Massacre
Artist: Duran Duran
3 1/2 stars
While Duran Duran have thrown their share of curveballs over the years, their new album is farther from the strike zone than anything since Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley.

A red flag should go up when you read the liner notes. You’ll see that the album was produced by Timbaland (of Justin Timberlake/Nelly Furtado fame). You’ll also see a co-write from Mr. Sexy Back himself, Justin Timberlake.

Before you head to the church of your choice for solace, listen to the CD. What you’ll hear is an updating of Duran Duran’s sound. Remember, Duran Duran created some great funk-pop with Nile Rodgers of Chic in the producer’s chair.

The original line-up of the band is all here, minus guitarist Andy Taylor, who rumor has it was taken aback by the decision to enlist such non-rock and roll collaborators as Timbaland and Timberlake. While the thought of a Timbaland Duran may have looked like a train wreck on paper, the results harken back to the days of “I Don’t Want Your Love” and “Union of the Snake.”

Duran Duran have written some good songs along the way, but their best weapon has always been their ability to create a mood. Most of the songs on this album have the feel of a cool night club where you can dance if you want, or simply sit at a table and observe the natives in their habitat.

Lead off single “Falling Down” should put longtime fans at ease, while garnering new converts.

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