Duran's Rio is No1 Video on AOL

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Duran's Rio is No1 Video on AOL

DURAN Duran's Rio last night topped a survey for best music video.

The yacht vid took 59 per cent of more than a million votes cast. Michael and Janet Jackson's promo for Scream was second, then Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer.

Next in the AOL poll was Robert Palmer's Addicted to Love and Buggles's Video Killed the Radio Star.

Which one of these classic videos changed music television the most?

Results: Votes   Per cent
Video Killed The Radio Star - Buggles 4,558 0%
Hurt - Johnny Cash 4,248 0%
Money For Nothing - Dire Straits 2,798 0%
Rio - Duran Duran 701,015 62%
Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel 7,227 1%
Cry - Godley & Creme 2,670 0%
Scream - Michael and Janet Jackson 394,264 35%
Addicted To Love - Robert Palmer 6,085 1%
Call On Me - Eric Prydz 2,655 0%
Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve 4,249 1%



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