Duran Duran's take on the FCC

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Duran Duran's take on the FCC

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission is a native of North Carolina. Members of the 80’s hit band, Duran Duran, are British. They’re both in Charlotte and may not see eye-to-eye.

“When I hear about government control of radio, I think about dictatorships,” said Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran.

Hundreds of top executives and on-air radio personalities were in Charlotte Thursday for the National Association of Broadcasters Convention. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin addressed issues about federal regulations.

At another convention event, Duran Duran was promoting their upcoming album, “Red Carpet Massacre.”

A debate sparked when Duran Duran co-founders John Taylor and Simon Le Bon were asked about their take on government regulations.

“This is government by the people for the people in America?” asked Taylor.

Le Bon answered, “Is that what you call it, what you have right now?”

Duran Duran fans responded “Not really, no.”

President Bush nominated Martin to chair the FCC.

Martin focused his rhetoric on the importance of broadcasting during times of emergency, like natural disasters.

“Some of the practices that we’ve tried to encourage broadcasters to implement is, for example, sharing facilities in case some broadcasters’ facilities get knocked down,” said Martin. “I think that’s something some of you facilitated down in Louisiana.”

Martin applauded broadcasters for providing local content, making that the focus of what radio and television should continue to provide.

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