Duran Duran urge public to pressure Government

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Duran Duran urge public to pressure Government
Simon Le Bon says Live Earth should just be the start

Simon Le Bon has urged people to contact their MPs in a bid to save the environment.

The Duran Duran singer, who performs at the London leg of Live Earth today (July 7), was asked whether he felt duty-bound as a popstar to support "causes" such as this.

"I don't feel obliged as a performer, but as a parent," he told BBC TV. "I want a decent world for my kids. We need to put pressure on the Government. We need to do something.

"We all know what we've got to do. The fact is people need to say it. Someone needs to set that ball rolling."

The Live Earth concerts are part of a campaign by environmentalist and former US Vice President Al Gore to bring awareness to climate change.

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