Duran Duran sure knows how to launch an album

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Duran Duran sure knows how to launch an album.

Even if you're not a fan of the group's infectious pop and (now aging) good looks, its hard to deny its media savvy. While some folks will no doubt view attempts at eternal hipness as shallow and desperate (including the band working with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake), true fans of the group (including this writer) thrive on the band's consistent, yet ever-evolving sound (an intentional mix of Roxy Music, The Sex Pistols and Chic), and frequent live shows, which still somehow manage to sell out world-class arenas.

Following the current trend of full-album concerts, Duran Duran will perform its latest, Red Carpet Massacre, in its entirety, over a nine-day stint at New York City's famed Barrymore Theatre at Broaday and 47th street. The gigs, which commence Nov. 1 and end Nov. 12, are part of a month-long blitz to promote Massacre's U.S. release on Nov. 13. Tickets to the Broadway shows go on sale October 6 at TeleCharge.com.

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