Duran Duran Paint the Town 'Red'

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Duran Duran Paint the Town 'Red'

November 5, 2007
NEW YORK: The new wave foursome bring some new tunes to Broadway while a host of celebs step out to see it.

"Broadway, to us, has been a dream for quite a few years," proclaimed Simon Le Bon, frontman for seminal new wavers Duran Duran, as he made his way into the Ethel Barrymore Theater through a sea of paparazzi flashbulbs, reporters, and screaming fans Friday (Nov. 2), night two of their 10-date run, sponsored by Citi. Celebrating the release of Red Carpet Massacre, their first album since 2004's Astronaut, the group answered questions about the album, on which they collaborated with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. "[Working with them] was a real gift," noted bassist John Taylor. "[Timbaland] is all things to all people." Despite the band's rocky past, Le Bon was extremely excited about the new production. "It's funky, edgy, very modern," he explained. "We took a lot of risks with it. You know, Duran Duran is an experimental group. We've never made the same album twice."

Once inside, the cobalt satin suited band performed that very album in its entirety, followed by an eerie "Electroset" led by Nick Rhodes (and his perfect eyeliner) on keys and synths, and Roger Taylor on electric drums. As the opening riff to the hit "Notorious" rang out, the band threw off the suits and got the house pumping with a smattering of essential Duran Duran tunes, including "Ordinary World," and "A View to a Kill," finishing with "Girls on Film" in a grand finale of strobe lights. Unfortunately, neither, JT nor Timba made a surprise appearance during the show, but spotted in the audience shaking it along with Simon and crew was none other than Mary Kate Olsen, Moby, and Donald Trump (plus his entire family) -- not to forget a gaggle of squealing fans. MARY-LOUISE PRICE / PHOTOS BY SHAWNA ADAMS

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