Duran Duran on Broadway

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Although Halloween was two nights earlier, at Friday's first-of-ten performance at the Barrymore Theatre by Duran Duran—entitled "Red Carpet Massacre," after the band's new CD—it seemed that the holiday was still in the air. More than one fan showed up in tribute looks of leather pants, unbuttoned white shirts, and lots of eyeliner (and we're talking about the male fans here). When the attention wasn't on the Duranaloonies, as the superfans were called by those not wearing several tubes worth of mascara, it was on the VIP boxes on stage right, where some of the Trump clan (Donald and Melania; Donald, Jr., and his wife) sat bobbing their heads near headbanded Mary-Kate Olsen's one-woman dance show. Moby was at the concert, too, but elected to sit with the regular folks down below. Following the "Girls on Film" encore, the party moved to the rooftop of the Gramery Park Hotel, where we noticed that the times have certainly changed for the rockers. Simon LeBon was dragged out by his supermodel wife Yasmin before 1 a.m.; the reason, he told us, was because "I've got a cough and she's making me rest up." Karl Lagerfeld muse Daphne Guinness was happy to pick up where he left off, though. "I've been over here [in America] all week with my son, who's going to Yale," she said. "And I went to all his classes this week—so I feel like I deserve a good party night."

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