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Duran Duran: Live

VH1, Sat Dec 22, 10pm, Tue 25 Dec, Midnight

Unfairly mocked and pigeonholed by many parts of the media, Duran Duran prove their supreme craft as musicians in this special one-off gig from the Lyceum theatre in London earlier this month.

Taking place to support their new album 'Red Carpet Massacre', the concert offers a winning mix of pulsating new tracks, reinterpreted electro classics and the sing-a-long hits from the early 80s that paved their way to global success.

Unlike many of the pop frauds taking over the airwaves, these guys can really cut it live. Singer Simon Le Bon emits his unique wail to great effect, John Taylor shows why he's known as the Bass God, forming a formidably tight rhythm section with drummer Roger Taylor. As for keyboardist Nick Rhodes, he presses the odd button, sucks in the cheeks and pouts away. The end result is marvellous.

Highlights include the fabulous upcoming single 'Nite Runner', complete with a virtual performance by Timbaland, a sublime rendition of forgotten classic 'Do You Believe In Shame' and a rocking version of 'Sunrise' that almost blew the roof off the Lyceum.

Light your torch and wave it along to 'Ordinary World', have a last dance on the stairway to 'Rio' and hallucinate and tranquillise your way through 'Girls On Film'.

Be sure to tune in and catch this fab show in all its poptastic glory.


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