Duran Duran comes back successfully

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Duran Duran comes back successfully
Written by Lee Escobedo, The Shorthorn Scene critic
MONDAY, 19 NOVEMBER 2007 10:48 PM

The '80s band makes a successful come-back with Justin Timberlake collaboration. Bad things usually come in pairs — Paris and Nicole, Dante’s Peak and Volcano.

That could change with the recent collaboration of Justin Timberlake and Duran Duran.

For Duran Duran’s new album, Red Carpet Massacre, Timberlake has brought a retro grade of sexy back into mainstream music.

This sexy however is in its forties, once rocked a mullet and was last popular way back when your mom and dad were using it as a soundtrack to your conception.

Timberlake, along with the guaranteed credibility booster Timbaland, have teamed up with Duran Duran to craft not only the return of new romanticism, but also one of the most danceable albums of the year.

The album is catchy electro-pop that keeps the new-wave feel of the band’s ’80s reign while still sounding incredibly modern.

The album’s first track, “The Valley,” starts with Simon LeBon riding a pulsating beat that climaxes with rapid accelerating drums along with Red Carpet Massacre, which is a rush to the brain and is sure to be heard spinning at the dance clubs everywhere.

“Night-Runner” and “Skin Divers” were produced by Timbaland and carry his signature hit-maker sound.
The latter half of the disc is more melody driven, and once they tone down the infectious, thumping beats, the songs tend to lack the qualities that made the first half an orgasm for the ears.

The band was never considered avant garde in critic circles, but it makes sense that Timberlake lent a hand in this album. Without the original boy band Duran Duran, there would not have been an *NSYNC.

Here’s hoping that the new generation of booty-shakers can forget that they are dancing to the same group that made some of their mom’s panties drop and enjoy a rarely-made successful comeback album.