Duran confirm Timberlake duet

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Duran confirm Timberlake duet

The full details of Duran Duran's recordings with Justin Timberlake and Timbaland have been revealed.

The '80s pop icons have completed work on their new album, which remains untitled, and some of the collaborations have now been confirmed.

As previously reported, Simon Le Bon and co have been working with Timberlake and Timbaland, plus his protege Danjahandz, on their first new album since 2004's "Astronaut".

Speaking about the project, studio hot-shot Danjahandz explained: "The actual process of making the album (with Duran Duran) was cool. We just went in there as musicians, I think that's what was beneficial for me, playing those instruments, came into play. Because I had to become a musician, not a producer a beat maker, I had to become a musician and write songs. It was just an easy thing for me, the dudes were real open for me and where I was taking them. It was just a cool experience", he told allhiphop.com.

Danjahandz and Timbaland are understood to have produced three tracks - "Skin Divers", "Zooming In" and "Night Runner" - which features Justin Timberlake.

Duran Duran are on the bill for the UK leg of the Live Earth concerts on July 7, at Wembley Stadium.

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