Don't try to change girlfriend, change girlfriends

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Don't try to change girlfriend, change girlfriends
Nick Rhodes, Duran Duran alum

Q: I'm a guy in my late teens and I think it rocks when guys wear makeup. My girlfriend is not quite sold on the idea, though. What can I say to convince her that not only is it cool and modern but it's pretty damn sexy?

Nick Rhodes: Dump her and get someone cooler! I don't think you need to say anything to people. People need to have personality and originality, and everyone should be unique in their own way. If the other people you're mixing with don't accept that and are excited by it, then you're mixing with the wrong crowd.

I think that most girls I've ever met, that I've liked, are much more fascinated by men that are in touch with both their masculine and feminine sides. If they're not, that's OK, they're just a different type of girl.

The first time I ever recognized guys wearing makeup was in the 1970s when I was growing up in Britain, listening to glam rock and watching David Bowie, Mark Bolan, Brian Ferry and all of those English bands that really did pioneer a new look.

But interestingly, it goes all the way back to old Hollywood -- the '20s and the '30s, when glamour was glam. It's about doing what the hell you want and not caring what anyone else thinks. Life is too short to find the people who have a problem with too many things.

We should all just live in a safe and beautiful world.

courtesy Miami Herald