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ET'/People Emmy party cranks it up/VARIETY

The "ET"/People mag party at the elegant Disney Concert Hall was the first stop for many Emmygoers heading from the Shrine back to the Westside.

The change to the bigger venue helped accommodate more guests, who took advantage of the garden and two levels of the concert hall.When it came time for Duran Duran to perform,some like Holland Taylor left after one song, indicating the decibel level was too high, while others, in the "Grey's Anatomy" and "Heroes" casts, gyrated to the music.

Upstairs, Masi Oka, nominated for "Heroes," said he was enjoying the weekend of partying. "This is only the second stop after the Governors Ball," he said. "I just heard Tony Bennett sing (at the Governors Ball), and that was amazing."

Kanye Bails, Simon Prowls and Grey's Stays/E! online

“I crashed the Governors Ball," new arrival/Entourage assistant Rex Lee tells me of his slick party-girl maneuver. "Then we saw Duran Duran perform at ET."

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell stampedes through the party with his own entourage—of very good-looking girls—and Jamie Foxx downs a round of tequila shots with his VIP table. Love the preppy sweater he's rocking!

The far corner is full-on Grey. Sandra Oh dances to "Satisfaction," while Ellen Pompeo hello-kisses beautiful couple Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart. Justin Chambers is there, too, so the only one missing is the show's Emmy winner.

Oh, Katherine Heigl, where are you?

On the Emmy's after-party trail/MSN

The Entertainment Tonight/People Magazine party was downtown at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and attracted a real mixed bag of lollies. There was Anna Nicole’s former boyfriend Larry Birkhead along with Angelina Jolie’s dad, Jon Voight.

There was Heroes nominee Masi Oka, Natasha Bedingfield, Tori Spelling and her hubby Dean McDermott — who were as per usual, "all over each other," said a party spy.

Duran Duran busted out a few of their hits from the 80s — Felicity Huffman was the first to hit the dance floor and "her dress never moved — all night long."


Most stars kept going strong Sunday at a string of parties after the awards ceremony, including stops at the TV Guide and Entertainment Tonight/People magazine bashes, where Kanye West and Duran Duran performed, respectively. Over at the Fox soiree at Spago, winners James Spader and Jaime Pressly kept their statuettes within reach.

Dance Fever/People

At the same bash, Hayden Panettiere busted a move to Duran Duran with Heroes costars Oka and Ali Larter. Private Practice's Walsh was nearby, dancing to the band with new husband Alex Young. And proving that her Desperate Housewives bar dancing scene was no fluke, Felicity Huffman swayed away with abandon to "Hungry Like the Wolf" with husband William H. Macy.