Colin Thurston

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With great sadness the band has learned that Colin Thurston passed away on Monday. Colin worked as a producer on Duran Duran's first two releases, and the band had a reunion of sorts with him in 2004 when they played at the Birmingham NEC.

"Without Colin's depth of vision, we would never have become the band we became, would never have been able to make the first two albums.

We were attracted to him by his work with Bowie and Iggy in Berlin. When EMI A+R Dave Ambrose suggested working with Colin, we couldn't believe our luck. In more recent years we would often talk about getting back in the studio, but it was not to be.

We were very happy to see him at our NEC concert in '04. Not too surprised for his departing, he had been sick for some time, but very, very sad.

He will be remembered as an important musical stylist who was a major catalyst for the 'eighties sound' and a super, super nice guy, a ladies man to the end.

We shall all miss you Colin, and thank you for the gift of your gifts.

John Taylor, January 17, 2007"