Birthday Message from Nick

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I wish I could recycle the space between my words and the air that flows around me when I am sleeping, then perhaps the year would havemlasted just a little longer... I Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes, poems, supernatural gifts, abstract artifacts and invitations to accompany you on a journey into space. Despite the constraints of time, you collectively and forever continue to encourage me to explore the darkened rooms that beckon to be illuminated and enable us to continue as Duran Duran.

I am thrilled to say that what we have created in this bizarre vacuum termed a year is causing dangerous levels of excitement in our brigade.It has been an incredibly inspiring period, and much to my shock and delight I could not possibly have predicted a single day's events. Whilst it may all be purely subjective, it is somewhat reassuring that we all agree (sometimes) regarding our uncertain future as an ongoing musical experiment. We made an album 25 years ago, and although that seems to be in the distant past, it also feels like yesterday, I remember the feeling of elation as I listened to the final mixes, and somehow by closely guarding our hope, belief, vision and naivete, we have managed to preserve that excitement and anticipation, I feel the same way today, this is both precious and remarkable.

It's late I don't want to overstay my welcome so I'll gently sink into a haze of missing minutes, but when I get up I'll check again to make sure that I didn't waste any time.

Everything doesn't always have to sense.

Love from London,