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Falling Down
Producer(s): Justin Timberlake
Label: Epic

Justin Timberlake was not yet 2 years old when Duran Duran bombarded the charts with debut "Hungry Like the Wolf" in 1982. The generations collide on "Falling Down"—the group's launch single from 12th album "Red Carpet Massacre," due Nov. 13—which Timberlake produced, co-wrote and contributes vocals to. At first glance, such a proposition seems tenuous: DD has remained relevant enough without any outside help through the years; is this kid going to contemporize the band into an object of ridicule? Thankfully, "Falling" demonstrates surprising versatility from Timberlake. The song is true to Duran Duran's beloved melodic imprint, demonstrating that Timberlake is the one who's learning new tricks here. Lead singer Simon Le Bon's lyric addresses a tragic motorcycle accident he endured—though, as usual, it's cryptic enough to leave much to the imagination. Adult top 40 should have no trouble indulging the familiar here, while showcasing bragging rights to connect moms and daughters on a united front, thanks to JT. —Chuck Taylor

Courtesy Billboard magazine