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Get down! MTV is 25! That's 25 years of legendary music, 25 years of amazing videos and 25 years of breaking the rules!

So it's time we celebrated that fact. We're gonna count down the Top 100 Videos That Broke The Rules.

We want to celebrate 100 clips that epitomize the various risk taking MTV generations as we highlight the videos that made Music Television an irresistible media force - and we've had your help.

You watched them, you loved them, and you bought the records and over 10,000 of you picked your number one favourite.

Each video in this chart is a rule breaker, whether it's blown the budget, like Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream" or whether it's broken the rules of taste and decency like Robbie Williams peeling off his skin in "Rock DJ". We have them all listed below, all you need to do is pick one and vote.

For the show itself, look out for all the artists we've made stars including Michael Jackson, Axl Rose, Lionel Richie, Madonna, Radiohead, Lauryn Hill, Bjork, Duran Duran and Victoria Beckham.

The 100 Videos That Broke The Rules premieres on MTV UK Tuesday 1 August at 3:30pm - make sure you don't miss it!

We'll also have repeats and highlights throughout the week, for the slackers including on our sister channels, so make sure you check out our schedules.