Top Ten Cultural Moments from Nick Rhodes

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"…and I wanted to share them with you here on….chronologically"

Warhol’s World, London, January

A collection of Andy Warhol’s photographs, mostly from the very late 70s through the 1980s. It was quite something for me to look at them all because I knew most of the characters in the photos. It represents a time when, as a band, Duran Duran, were n New York City a lot and I spent a fair bit of time with Andy and actually remember a lot of the evenings. There were several photos of me in the exhibition and I remember the moment he took them.

Edward Scissorhands, February

It’s not that often I go to the ballet…I have to say, this was a beautiful production, a great idea and I left smiling.

Anglomania Ball, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, May

A pretty unusual event, Juicy Couture kindly invited us (Simon, John and Nick). There were some fabulous outfits, I have to say, and I am a sucker for fabulous outfits. We all really enjoyed that one, thanks Gela!

Cannes Film Festival, France, May

I have to say, I think out of all the film festival events that I’ve been to, Cannes is really the most interesting. There’s so much going on there. I was very happy with some of the winners this year.

”Volver” starring Penelope Cruz

My personal favorite movie of the year. A Pedro Almodovar movie, and I have to say, if you haven’t seen it, you really ought to make the effort, because it’s worth seeing at the Cinema. It looks so beautiful and it’s Penelope Cruz at her best. “Volver” is my personal favorite, closely followed by “The Queen” I think.

Palermo, Sicily, July

I took a break, which I don’t do that often, and I decided to go to Palermo. I wanted to look at the rich cultural heritage they have, visit some palazzos, wander around and get to know the place a little.

I was able to do that and had a great time there. It’s got a lot of fantastic things to see. If you get a chance, I highly recommend it. Oh, and the food isn’t bad either.

Hans Bellmer Whitechapel Gallery, London, September

He’s a strange case, Hans Bellmer. I think perverse would probably be the word that best describes his work but nonetheless, utterly brilliant and fascinating.

Freeze Art Fair, London, October

This comes to London every October and has grown exponentially in the last few years. You’ve never seen this much art ever, it’s quite overwhelming, but I did spend several hours there and at the zoo Art Festival at the London Zoo…definitely rejuvenates your interest in modern art.

Halloween Parade, New York, October

I’ve heard about Halloween in New York City. This year, we were fortunate enough that our schedule collided beautifully with New York City and the day of the pointed hat. And so I went out and photographed the Parade. I must have spent a couple of hours there, I would have spent all night there but some of the people I was with got slightly cold and impatient. To me, it really represents the spirit of New York City, which I’ve always loved.

Murder Me Exhibit, Serpentine Gallery, Hyde Park, London, ongoing

My final choice! It’s still on in London, and I believe, goes into next year. You may still get a chance to see it if you’re in London or visiting. This is Damien Hirst’s personal collection of art by other artists. He has immaculate taste.