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After all these years, Duran Duran are still fighting the urge to consign their cans of hairspray to the great wheelie-bin in the sky.

The 1980s super-group is holed up in a London recording studio, working on a sequel to their 2004 comeback album, Astronaut.

According to keyboard player Nick Rhodes - and please let it happen! - "urban" producers will inject a dose of hip-hop into the band's oeuvre.

"I'm making an album with the rest of Duran Duran, which should be ready by January," he said at a Harper's Bazaar party on Wednesday.

"Simon (Le Bon) has got some songs to write still. It'll have an identifiably Duran Duran sound, which we want to preserve, but it's also going to be a lot more modern. So we've been working with American urban producers."

courtesy of The Independent