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Breaking with tradition once again, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes step in to the history books with the launch of the UK Guardian newspaper’s Film & Music Podcast show, with a 2-part interview discussing their ‘Only After Dark’ compilation - a collection of some of their favourite songs from the period 1978-1982.

This mini-podcast-within-a-podcast makes UK media history, becoming the first time music from the major record labels and music publishers has been officially approved for use in a podcast, with 60 second clips of the following 6 tracks being played as part of the interview:

David Bowie - Always Crashing In The Same Car
Simple Minds – The Changeling
Magazine – Shot By Both Sides
Brian Eno – The True Wheel
Bryan Ferry – The ‘In’ Crowd
Wire – I Am The Fly

* The first part of the interview will be available as a free download from The Guardian's Podcast web site and via iTunes UK on Wednesday, May 3rd. Please Click below:


To download the podcast, CONTROL CLICK on the link that says:"Listen to the Only after dark podcast on your computer"and download file to disk

*The second part of the interview will be available as a free download beginning Wednesday, May 10th.