Guys, pick-up lines are bunk

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Guys, pick-up lines are bunk

Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon.

Q: I really admire and envy these guys who know how to talk to girls and get them to do anything they want. I need some help from a pro.

A: Don't plan anything; forget all of those pick-up lines people read in books. You have to like girls and it's all about having a bit of a laugh on things you think are interesting. Be funny, be happy and subtly display your attraction without staring down a girl's cleavage or putting your hands on her. What's nice as well, for you to try, is to get the girls to talk, I always think. It's not about my monologue or me; it is more interesting to get to know the girl socially, emotionally and sexually. I think it's normal to be interested in people and not scared. It is about overcoming one's fear. Remember boys, flirt.

Courtesy Miami Herald