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Release date: 02 October 2006

“With our songs you saw them first. The music and visuals were one to most people.”
- John Taylor

Synonymous with the launch of MTV and the growth of what has become one of the music industry's most important and enduring marketing tools, Duran Duran were at the vanguard of video production, helping to transform the medium into a recognized art form and transporting their fans on glamorous and aspirational journeys to exotic locations.

They were the first band to shoot on location, and the first to make an extended video for a song (filmed to accompany the 12” dance mix of 'Girls On Film'). Now, from 02 October 2006, twenty of their most memorable video clips will beavailable for digital download worldwide. Also available will be an exclusive bundle for Itunes, with 2 extra rarities: 'A Day In the Life', which is a 2.26 mins interview with Simon LeBon just before the launch of the 'Rio' album, intercut with live, back-stage, studio, rehearsal, recording and photoshoot footage. And the second exclusive, 'Liberty', which is a 15.25 mins long feature that includes an interview about the 'Liberty' album with the full album line up: Nick Rhodes, Simon LeBon, John Taylor, Warren Cuccurullo and Sterling Campbell, intercut with promo video B roll and rehearsal footage.

Working with a number of top-flight directors, including Australian talent Russell Mulcahy (who shot 'Hungry Like A Wolf', 'Save a Prayer', 'Rio',' Is There Something I Should Know?', 'The Reflex' and 'Wild Boys'), and Godley and Creme (who filmed the racey and subsequently banned video for 'Girls on Film') Duran Duran created lasting and iconic imagery with their videos, leaving their contemporaries in their wake and helping them to quickly reach a worldwide army of fans who rapidly helped to propel the band to superstardom.

Who can forget the five band members riding the waves aboard the 'Rio' yacht, the body-painted girl in 'Hungry Like the Wolf' or shots of the guys walking along the shores of a Sri Lankan beach in 'Save A Prayer'? But girls and glamour were not the sole ingredients that made these videos so compelling. The tropical themes were beautifully shot, the futuristic visions ahead of their time, and the storylines and art direction mesmerizing.

With the growth of the medium, the rapid evolution of an entire MTV generation and ever-increasing budgets, Duran Duran's videos became more and more ambitious and by the time they had started work on their second album the band were envisioning the clips as the songs themselves were taking shape.

No-one did it better than Duran Duran - and looking at these enduring early videos now it's obvious just how vividly the imagery they created encapsulated the times.

On 02 October, the following clips will be released for digital download:

Planet Earth (364 9555)
Girls On Film (Short Censored Version) (366 6795)
Hungry Like The Wolf (364 9545)
Save A Prayer (366 6865)
Rio (364 9565)
Is There Something I Should Know? (366 6825)
The Wild Boys (366 6905)
Union Of The Snake (366 6915)
New Moon On Monday (366 6845)
The Reflex (9364 9575)
A View To A Kill (366 7553)
Notorious (366 6855)
Skin Trade (366 6925)
I Don't Want Your Love (366 6815)
All She Wants Is (366 6765)
Serious (366 6885)
Burning The Ground (366 6775)
Ordinary World (880 4575)
Come Undone (880 5535)
Electric Barbarella (366 6785)

Currently in the studio working on their upcoming album for Epic Records, which is slated for release first quarter of next year, Duran Duran are again making history with their use of visuals by creating a 3-D 'Duran Duran virtual universe' inside the online virtual world, Second Life. www.secondlife.com.

Custom-designed avatars of each member of the group will appear 'live' for the first time 'in-world' in October and will perform the first ever avatar concert by a rock band, inside Second Life, in November.

Second Life: Second Life is a 3-D virtual world, entirely built and owned by its residents, with a population of 600,000 that is growing at a rate of 10,000 new residents a day. Duran Duran are the first celebrities from the world of entertainment to co-exist in a 'first' and 'second' life.