Duran Duran to Perform at Annual Red Cross Ball August 4 / Monaco

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Founded in 1948 by Prince Louis II the Red Cross Gala is known for its spectacular tombola prizes, firework displays and art giveaways as well as lively entertainment.

When Duran Duran formed in 1978, it took its name from the evil character "Dr. Durand Durand" in the cult film Barbarella. The group left its mark on the 1980s by revolutionizing new-wave music. The original line-up got together again in 2004 after some years apart. Although the musicians had by then replaced their flamboyant clothing with something more subdued – even wearing ties – the energy and musicality remain intact and the group is still amazing on stage. The band members are legendary vocalist Simon LeBon (who can still hit those high notes), Nick Rhodes and the three Taylors — Roger, Andy and John — who are not even related! The first album, released in 1981, was a huge hit in England. At the time, Duran Duran was compared to The Beatles. The group had a string of hits, performed concerts everywhere, sung the James Bond theme A View to a Kill… and then broke up. Even with just three members, Duran Duran stayed in the charts thanks to Notorious, Big Thing, Decade… and Pop Trash in 2000. In 2004, Astronaut marked the band’s long awaited return much to the delight of the fans who had dreamt of this moment for so long. Duran Duran performing its original sound, proving astonishing creativity and an unequalled presence on stage. Magic.

Red Cross Ball