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The festival ended with veteran New Wave rockers, Duran Duran. They have made a come back and the timing could not have been any better. The new wave style of music that they embody has been recently resurrected in the indie rock scene gathering renewed fervor as part of the whole post-punk revival phenomenon. These veterans saw this was their chance to cash in on their legacy.

But it certainly is not an ill-conceived jump back into the spotlight. They hit the stage with gusto with their most famous song Hungry Like The Wolf. There was determination in their demeanor, confidently and furiously kicking off the dust from all these years in hibernation. Things had come full circle. They were crisp and sharp and besides the pouchy look of lead singer, Simon Le Bon, they didn't look or sound the worse for wear. Le Bon's voice was as sweet, and melodious as ever and the band's energy was kinetic. A superb performance enjoyed by all, Duran Duran made it clear they are back for the next wave.

Courtesy Palm Beach Post