An Open Letter to the Dutch Go Duran

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For Esther & Manon, & all the followers of The Dutch Go Duran.

Well I suppose, all good things have to end. And sadly, it seems that this is the end of the road for The Dutch Go Duran.

Ever since I first saw and pondered the quirkily titled publication in 1988, it has been one of, if not my most, favourite fanzine which is in orbit around Duran Duran.

For eighteen years you've encouraged us, been a conduit between ourselves and the many fans, informed us of some home truths too embarrassing to say face to face, and generally waved the DD flag with vigour. In short you've made us smile.
It remains for me to say thank you for 18 years dedication, for your love and attention, for your sense of fun and for your energy.

I wish you both Manon & Esther the best fortune in your endeavours and in your lives. You will be much missed.

Yours with love,