5 things you need to know about Duran Duran

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5 things you need to know about Duran Duran
’80s stars play Bi-Lo Center

By Tony Kiss

November 3, 2006 12:15 am

Duran Duran has covered a lot of miles over the last 28 years (yes, it’s been that long). In fact, they’re just back from playing Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania. One of the first bands to hit it big on MTV, the group may be as famous for its music videos as its albums — clips like “Girls on Film,” “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio” made them international sensations.

This week, the band plays the Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, so in honor of that date, here are five things to know as you head to the show.

1: Changes
Two weeks ago, Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor abruptly left the band, according to the group’s Web site (www.duranduran.com). Or as the boys put it, “there is an unworkable gulf between us and we can no longer effectively function together.” (Isn’t that so British?) As it now stands, the core band now features singer Simon LeBon, keyboardist Nick Rhodes, bassist John Taylor and drummer Roger Taylor (none of the Taylors are kin).

2: Name game
The band’s name comes from the 1968 Jane Fonda sci-fi movie “Barbarella” and the character called Durand Durand.

3: More than the eighties
Though they are closely linked to the 1980s, Duran Duran actually began in 1978 and has never quit, though members have changed through the years. By 1997, all the Taylors had quit, leaving just LeBon and Rhodes with new sidemen. The originals chose to reunite in 2001. The band has been working with Justin Timberlake and the producer Timbaland on a new CD, but they’re keeping the details low-key for now.

4: At the movies
Duran Duran’s biggest movie song has to be “A View to a Kill,” from the James Bond picture of the same name. But their music has been played in many movies including “Monster,” “The Saint,” “Tequilla Sunrise,” “Donnie Darko,” and “American Pie 3.” The song “Hungry Like the Wolf” has been in at least five films.

5: Web savvy
Though it’s far from their best or best-known tune, Duran Duran’s “Electric Barbarella” is said to be “the first song available for digital purchase/download on the Internet,” according to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. It was not a huge hit — the video (a sexy clip involving a romantic robot) was censored by MTV and VH1, and only aired after some changes were made.

Courtesy Asheville Citizen-Times