Varied crop of music DVDs

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From guillotines to talking beans, varied crop of music DVDs

By Louis R. Carlozo
Tribune staff reporter

Duran Duran: Live From London (Zoe Vision/ Coming Home Studios, $19.99; $29.99 deluxe edition)

Back in 2004, the original five members of Duran Duran reunited -- as so many 1980s bands do these days -- for a highly successful tour that included five sold-out nights at Wembley Arena. While the hair isn't as big as it was two decades back for Simon LeBon and company, the songs and hooks remain indelible. The deluxe edition of this release includes a 10-song CD; the DVD packs in twice as many cuts, including "Rio," "Planet Earth" and "Girls On Film."

Get it if: Hearing "Hungry Like the Wolf" one more makes you feel 20 years younger.

Avoid it if: Hearing "Hungry Like the Wolf" makes you cringe as it brings back memories of failing to pick up girls at frat parties.

Courtesy Chicago Tribune