UK Chart Update

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From Music Week: WHAT HAPPENS TOMORROW continues its climb up the UK Airplay Chart. The song goes up four places to number 19 - which is the second time it appears in the Top 20 of the official UK Airplay Chart. WHT increases its play total by a further 27% and an audience share of 29.52% (up 6%). In the Radio 2 Airplay Chart it climbs back up the chart to number 2 (from last week's number 6).

The single enters the Official UK Singles Chart at number 11 and the Hit 40 UK Chart (which is based on airplay, sales and downloads) at number 22.

These UK Stations are playing WHAT HAPPENS TOMORROW so if you like what you hear, let them know!

100-102 CENTURY FM                                

          102.4 WISH FM                                      

          103.2 POWER FM                                     

          105.4 LEICESTER SOUND FM                           

          106 CENTURY FM                                     

          106.3 BRIDGE FM                                 

          107.6 JUICE FM - LIVERPOOL                        

          2-TEN FM                                           

          2CR FM                                          

          95.8 CAPITAL FM                                    

          96 TRENT FM                                      

          96.2 THE REVOLUTION                                

          96.4 FM THE WAVE                                   

          96.9 CHILTERN FM                                  

          96.9 VIKING FM                                     

          97.4 ROCK FM                                       

          97.6 CHILTERN FM                                   

          BBC ESSEX                                          

          BBC RADIO 1                                        

          BBC RADIO 2                                      

          BBC RADIO LEICESTER                                

          BBC RADIO NEWCASTLE                                
BBC RADIO ULSTER                                   

          BBC RADIO WALES                                   

          BEACON FM                                          

          CITYBEAT 96.7FM                                    

          CLYDE 1 FM                                         

          CLYDE 2       
          COOL FM                                            

          DOWNTOWN RADIO (DTR)                               

          DREAM 100                                      

          ESSEX FM                                           

          FM 103 HORIZON                                     



          FOX FM                                             

          GALAXY 102                                         

          GALAXY 105                                         

          GALAXY 105-106                                    

          GWR FM                                           

          HALLAM FM                                          

          IMAGINE FM                                         

          INVICTA FM                                        

          KEY 103                                            

          LINCS FM 102.2                                     

          MANX RADIO                                         

          MERCIA FM                                         

          METRO RADIO                                        

          MFM 103.4                                          

          MINSTER FM                                         

          MIX 96                                            

          NORTHANTS 96                                       

          NORTHSOUND 1                                       

          NORTHSOUND 2                                       

          OAK 107                                            

          OCEAN FM                                           

          ORCHARD FM                                         




          RAM FM                                             

          REAL RADIO (SCOTLAND)                              

          REAL RADIO (WALES)                                 

          REAL RADIO (YORKSHIRE)                             

          RED DRAGON FM                                      

          SGR COLCHESTER                                     

          SGR FM                                             

          SIGNAL ONE                                         

          SOUTH WEST SOUND FM                                

          SOUTHERN FM                                        

          SPIRE FM                                           

          TAY AM                                            

          TAY FM                                             

          THE PULSE                                          

          VIBE 101                                           

          WEST FM                                          

          WEST SOUND AM