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Missing out on giving the band 2 back to back Top10 sales hits for the first time in 19 years, Duran Duran's latest single What Happens Tomorrow peaked at number 11 last week -  but continues to grow on radio and has already
eclipsed its predecessor (Reach Up For The) Sunrise which was a Top5 sales success but peaked at number 24 on airplay.

What Happens Tomorrow jumps from number 19 to number 14 on the airplay chart this week with 591 spins generating an audience of more than 31 Million.

Just 19 of those plays came from Radio 2, where it was the most played song last week but still provided a hefty 71.48% of the song's overall audience.

What Happens Tomorrow - official UK Airplay Chart
This week: Number 14 (up from last week's number 19)
Total weeks on chart: 6 weeks
Total spins: 591 (34% increase)
Audience: 31 Million (6% increase)

What Happens Tomorrow - Radio 2 Airplay Chart
This week: Number 1 (up from last week's number 2)

Courtesy Music Week UK