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Duran Duran
Live From London
(Coming Home Studios/SRS)

Love ‘em or loathe ‘em (and certainly there are many here at TotalMusic-Online towers that fall into the latter camp) the classic Duran Duran line-up – Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Rhodes and LeBon – have, despite experiencing the massive highs of worldwide success and the desperate lows of break-ups, drug addiction, has-been-ism and sinking boats, somehow managed to drag it all back together again for a massive sell out tour of the UK in 2004, and you don’t sell out places like Wembley on the strength of a few die-hard fans. Basically it seems Duran Duran are (whisper it) cool again. Nothing has changed in camp Duran, the short feature highlighting a few extra pounds, a few more lines, and a few less hairs, and yes, LeBon is still about as graceful and natural a live performer as a mattress balancing on a bottle of wine. Indeed nothing about this occasionally lumpen (albeit immensely flashy) stage show is likely to convert the nay-sayers, but there really is absolutely no doubting the huge regard in which they are held by the, bloody huge, audience and it’s almost worth tracking down the neat double disc box set for the 3D bonus song (glasses included), alone.

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