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Sony Europe along with iTunes present the following Duran Duran promotion:

Tuesday 31 May 2005
* Homepage banner promoting an exclusive track across the UK, Germany and European iTunes stores (incl. 14 countries)
* When users click on banner they are taken to purchase page which will also have a link to the Duran Duran artist page, where Astronaut is available for purchase and there is more information on the band, web links to tour dates and more

Sunday 05 June 2005
* iTunes are printing 12,000 "laminates" to hand out to attendees of the Milan concert. This laminate will have Astronaut cover art on one side and details of a free track download from iTunes Italy (part of the European store)!

Tuesday 07 June 2005
* Homepage banner promoting first of 2 exclusive video streams across the UK, Germany
and European iTunes stores (incl. 14 countries).
* When users click on the banner they will be taken to the Duran Duran artist page where they can view the videos, as well as purchase Astronaut.

Tuesday 14 June 2005
* More exclusive videos

Please note it is our understanding that you can LOOK at other iTunes sites (there's a option button at the bottom of the main iTunes page), but can only buy from them if you have a credit card originating in that particular country.