Nick's Photo Diary of Japan (Better Late than Never)

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Things I remember about Japan several weeks later:

Narita airport is too far from Tokyo

The cars have white curtains

Telephone ring tones that sound so much better than ours

A road sign in blue and white of a face sleeping with stars above

A sea of umbrellas in Shibuya

The colours of the walls in Hysteric Glamour

Kikuji Kawada's book The Map

Racing to catch the last bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo

Stephanie's face when she entered Kiddyland

A girl in a pencil skirt walking two small dogs

A meeting with the developers of Roland Synthesizers

Sophisticated satellite navigation systems

Tokyo tower outside my window

Visiting Murakami's Mr Pointy

Norico in traditional dress

The beautiful Prada store

The hotel bar (Lost In Translation was so well observed)

Electronic total black out blinds in my bedroom

The white sky, the heat and the Godzilla landscape

Saying ''Sailor Moon stole my identity'' on stage during The Reflex

Being the last people to leave Nobu

Strange Japanese game shows on TV

Excitement and exhaustion

Book shopping at midnight with Gavin

Lunch in Harajuku

Doing an interview for MTV

Snoopy who has always been there

Bento boxes

Killed By Roses

Going on stage at 7.30pm

Constant bowing

A never ending festival of neon

Plastic models of food for sale

A soft toy of a radish

Vending machines filled with curious items

Taking photographs

A large plastic reptile in a window overhead

Our translator


Learning new words

The Japanese audiences


A man with no shirt and a grey beard sitting on a bench

Signing my name

Playing three shows

The bridge leaving Tokyo

All photos courtesy of Nick Rhodes/ May not be used without permission.