Juicy Couture Toasts Duran Duran in Paris

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Juicy Couture Toasts Duran Duran in Paris
Godfrey Deeny
Fri Jun 3, 6:37 AM ET

Fashion Wire Daily - Paris - Duran Duran stormed into Paris on Tuesday night with a mini epic concert in Zenith, the preferred venue for name rockers in the French capital.

The five - Taylors John, Andy and Roger, organist Nick Rhodes and singer Simon LeBon - staged a powerful two-hour set – a crafty blend of their classic dance rock hits mixed up with a slew of tunes from their October 2004 album Astronaut.

The show was crammed with French fashionistas, entirely suitable as Juicy Couture was hosting the after party for the band that understood better than nearly any the link between stylistic panache and musical flourish.

Not only did LeBon marry a super model, Yasmin, bass player John's bride is Gela, one half of the rampantly successful Juicy duo with Pamela Skaist-Levy.

Looking the epitome of rocker chic, in Prada and suitably patina-ed diamonds, was host Gela.

"The underwear is Prada," confessed Gela, with an eye to her showing strap. "With diamonds, the way Miuccia likes to wear it."

The show's mix of classics, giant floral imagery, excellent sound and the band's own Manga comic videos won a noisy response from the not-easy-to-please French crow who danced and sang along, right to the finale of "Girls on Film."

Henna coiffed John Taylor wore a Cloak crinkled houndstooth jacket, mistaken by one critic for Comme des Garcons. "No, I work Comme too, I do."

Beside him, Rhodes mugged for the camera with Paris' most photographic face – Catherine Baba.

It was an evening of gaffs. One fan struck up a conversation with the engaging Taylor, reminisced about John's band with Robert Palmer, Power Station, and then asked why they had not played "that song about the Lebanon."

"Gang," shouted Taylor, imitating a gong being stuck with his hands. "That was by The Human League."

Then turning to Rhodes, he cracked of the fan: "And he'd been doing so well up to then."