I’d Be A Tramp Without Yasmin

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Dec 16 2005

Duran's Simon admits he's a fashion disaster
With Beverley Lyons And Cath Bennett

DURAN DURAN frontman Simon Le Bon would be rummaging through the bargain bins for clothes if he wasn't married to a supermodel.

Simon, wed to beauty Yasmin Le Bon, is as famous for his flamboyant fashion as much as the Duran Duran hits. But he says he would probably only shop in Woolworths if he hadn't met Yasmin because he has no clothes sense.

And he thanked the other women in his life, his gorgeous daughters, Amber, Tallulah and Saffron, for giving him street cred.

Duran Duran began their sell-out UK Arena Tour in Glasgow tonight and Simon said: "Yasmin tells me what to wear and it really helps. I don't think I'd have much of a fashion sense without her.

"Yasmin just knows which clothes work. Without her I'd probably be rummaging in the bargain bin at Woolworths for clothes."

But all his big shirts and bright-coloured sweaters from the new romantic days of the Eighties haven't gone to waste.
He said: "My girls like rummaging through my old clothes. The other day Amber said 'where's that such-and-such jumper?' and the next thing I know she's taking it into school."

Duran Duran reformed in 2003 and recorded a new album Astronaut, toured with Robbie Williams and joined the Live8 bill in Rome. Simon also bravely got back on board Drum, vowing to make waves in the Rolex Fastnet Yacht race in which he almost died 20 years ago.

In 1985, Drum capsized but this year the race started well, however he had to pull out before the end as the band were booked for tour dates.

Now 47, Simon said: "Sailing around the world is a six-month endeavour and if I'm not playing live dates it's a great thing to do.

"I'm pleased I got back on but I couldn't finish the race. But I wasn't scared at all."

"My daughters love to come out on tour with me and they make friends really easily with the rest of the crew. I took Tallulah when she was 10 and she was helpful. She was good at entertaining and all the girls like to be nice to their daddy because they enjoy touring and I really like their company too."

This year their eldest daughter, Amber, turned 16 but Simon doesn't think she'll be following in his footsteps. He said: "She's working hard at her exams but some day she wants to be a jewellery designer, a ballet dancer or show jumper.

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