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Due to the many queries we are getting, to follow are the FAQs for the LIVE FROM LONDON DVD:


Q: Do I need a special DVD player to watch the “Live From London” DVD?

A: Most DVD players should be able to play the “Live From London” DVD. For the optimal viewing experience, however, it is recommended that you use high quality equipment. If you are having a sync problem, please contact ASK KATY

Q: I've chosen one of the 5.1 options on the DVD, but I'm not hearing surround sound.

A: The 5.1 surround sound streams will only work if the amplifier and DVD player are connected using a digital cable (also known as a digital optical, TOSLINK, or S/PDIF cable). If the amplifier and DVD player are connected using RCA cables (the round-ended ones, usually colored red and white), you will not hear surround sound because this is an analog connection. Check your user manual for further instructions on connecting your DVD player with a digital link.

Q: I've chosen the 5.1 DTS option and I don't hear anything.

A: To listen to the DTS audio stream, you must have a DVD player and amplifier that are DTS compatible.

Q: How can I get the full effect from the 3D song?

A: Tips on watching the 3D:

o Make sure that the red lens is over the left eye and the cyan lens is over the right eye.

o Watch the 3D song in a room with a low ambient light level. The lights don't need to be completely off, but any light shining on your TV will harm the 3D effect.

o Watch on a CRT television or on a laptop computer. Most LCD, DLP, Plasma, and front-projection systems are not bright enough for the 3D effect to work properly.

o Sit far enough back from the screen so that the entire 3D image fits in your field of vision. Focus on the center of the screen and allow your eyes to adjust to the 3D effect.

Q: Are there Easter Eggs on the DVD?

A: Just one. In the very beginning of CARELESS MEMORIES, if you hit the UP button on your remote control 3 times during the first 10 seconds of the song, you will get the Manga Cartoon.